The BODYpow class has been life changing for me. I am a person who has never enjoyed exercising but have always forced myself to do it for vanity and health reasons. With Jackie's BODYpow class it's a whole new world. The class feels like a dance party and at the same time, it may be the most challenging 1 hour exercise regimen I have ever experienced. However, the most unique aspect of the class is that our instructor, Jackie, not only motivates us by leading with immense enthusiasm and physical ability, she leads us by inspiring us with verbal affirmations. Throughout the hour, she is reminding us, to "be strong..., do it for ourselves...., be the best we can be...., stay with it and that we only have 30 sec. left, to stay focused...". And furthermore, during the cool down of every class she shares with the group some quick healthy diet tips that may help us to achieve our goals.

Last but not least, it should be noted that I have been to over 25 classes and there has not been one that I left feeling bored, frustrated, tired or unsatisfied. On the contrary, every time I go, I am amazed at how such a class and it's instructor, has the ability to motivate someone like me, and inspire me to not only want to return to the class asap but to be the best I can be in all parts of my life. The class is filled with gifts within the gift of fitness.

- Caroline K.

I have bought all the tapes and tried doing them on my own but having a room full of others seems to motivate me more than the tapes. I am feeling stronger, fitter and healthier than I have in years and the comments I am getting are an added bonus! If you are looking to break the boredom than Jackie and BODYpow are the way to go! You can be at any level and find improvement it is not a synchronized class we all go at our own pace as form is just as important as speed. Try it – it just might change your life.

- Tracy S.

THANK YOU for great strength / cardio classes. Today’s class was exceptional because you introduced more cross-lateral moves which really work, stretch and open the oblique’s, hips and IT bands. Also, I like that you’re introducing more technical moves thus continuing to challenge us.

Have a grand rest of the week.

- Greg C.

First of all, I LOVE your class! You inspire and motivate and I always feel great after each class (and happy it is over!:).

I have been to ~14 classes starting in February. I’m usually pretty active in general but I think your classes have gotten me even more fit and strong than I normally would be at this time of year. This past weekend was my first weekend of windsurfing for the season. Normally I would be good for 1-1.5 hour sessions at a time. This weekend I was able to handle 2 hour sessions fully powered up and on Sunday I windsurfed a total of 4 hours. It was awesome! I’m a little sore but not as sore as I would normally be after 3 days on the water. I think my strength and stamina from your classes had a lot to do with it


- Michelle N.

Just want you to know I have not given up. Actually it is the opposite. One of my goals when I started body POW was to get in shape for snowboard season. Well its finally here! For the last few weeks I could have gone to class but too sore from killing it on the. I thank you for getting me ready for that. I'm still down ten pounds (and 2-3 inches of my gut) from when I started Body P and my knee which was really bad at the end of last season feels great. I will be back!!! Thanks for all of your out of class support and encouragement. I am still trying to get T[...] to go to a class. I could not of made the gains (losses) I have over the past year without you. I look forward to the next -10!!!!

- Rick J.

This class is AWESOME! Jackie is a great leader who gets down and does the work and sweats right alongside of you. Her energy is contagious and absolutely helps you push yourself to levels you didn’t think were possible. The style of this class is high intensity short exercises of only 30 seconds each.. and like Jackie says "You can do ANYTHING for 30 seconds!" Each class changes in exercises and in the format, so it always keeps you and your body guessing, which means you don’t ever get into that hum drum feeling of repetitive work outs.

I have been doing these classes for about 4 months with some breaks here and there and I have never been in better shape. Defined, toned muscles all while shedding 7-8 lbs off too. I am so happy with the class, the people and the results. It’s the best!

- Leann T.

After having my first child in my late 40's, I was determined to get my body back into some type of non-potato sack looking shape. It was timely that Jackie was wanting to work out with a few friends. A few friends turned into a village because Jackie has inspired so many with her ever-ready energy, courageous spirit and exuberant physical/mental strength. I still have to modify a lot of sections due to a post-partum inflammatory condition I developed, but I've never felt "less than" or "left out" - in fact, I've only been encouraged and supported more to make the workout mine, modify where need be and to just keep going. Jackie is a phenomenal leader who welcomes everyone no matter what your level of ability is. She is a true inspiration and a complete life force and I know I wouldn't love this workout a drop if it weren't for her leading the way. Thank you Jackie - for creating my weekly dose of torturous sanity - I love it!!

- Private

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your class, it makes my day better when I've taken the class and it has also really helped my running. So thank you!

Have a great day!

- Julie

Your work ethic is amazing and totally inspiring. I like being in the front of the class because watching you pushes me harder.

- Private

There are so many great things I can say about Jackie and her BODYpow class. BODYpow is a tough class that is so worth the effort and hard work you put into it. Jackie is motivational and full of energy; she motivates you to work harder and strive to be better in every class while making it fun too. And, the results are worth it! I have lost weight, inches, lowered my blood pressure (which was normal to begin with), built my cardio capacity (my running has vastly improved), and, best of all, I really feel like I have accomplished something physically challenging when the class is over. Overall, BODYpow and Jackie have changed my life.

- Lee

Deena's has kindly opted to allow us to offer some background. Deena doesn't offer complements lightly so we take what she has to say seriously!

Jackie's high intensity, interval training (Tabata) program is unequivocally the best workout class I have ever taken! Jackie is an exceptional instructor - both inspirational and motivating - and the routines vary daily, which keeps the class fresh and new.

While the workout is intense, it is not a synchronized class. Everyone works at their own level, and speed. Modifications are always available to accommodate both injuries and varying levels of fitness. Within just a few sessions, you notice an appreciable improvement in your cardio capacity, strength and overall level of energy!

I would urge anyone to give this class a try; your first session is free, and the ongoing rates are very, very reasonable.

- Deena B.

I feel stronger from doing your class, and my body is firmer even from how few times I have come. I am not the kind of person to go to aerobic type classes, but I really enjoy yours. The pace and change in exercises keeps it interesting. Keep up the great work and thank you for putting this program together.

- Dorea S.