Per request - 5 POW pointers for BODYpow progress. What I do...

  1. Be honest when it comes to #consistency. Calendar completed workouts so you are physically aligned with your mental intentions.
  2. Be honest when it comes to #intention. Complete the full 30 second interval. Start to finish. Each time. Every class.
  3. Be honest when it comes to #intensity. Engage and contract targeted muscle throughout the exercise. Adjust speed and height as strength increases and on "good days." Hold strong isometric position as muscles fatigue. -- Keep going. (Refer back to #2)
  4. See each class as a personal #challenge to overcome. It takes much longer to feel results if your workouts simply "check-the-box." It takes much less time to feel strong and empowered when you face a challenge and you work through it. (Translates to #reallife, 100%.)
  5. Focus on the workout and let the rest go.Find your own space, find your own challenge, find your own strength.And #pow. "P"ersonally "O"ptimized "W"orkout. And own it.

Photo by Bill Larkin @cvpportraits Thank you Bill!