BODYpow is not about weight loss. It is about using mental strength to gain physical strength. It is about digging deep and powering through. It is about empowerment. It is about feeling strong and capable throughout your day, every day.

The "POW" in BODYpow stands for

  • P = Personally
  • O = Optimized
  • W = Workout

So what exactly is a "Personally Optimized Workout?"

One of the best features of BODYpow is that it is a "Personally Optimized Workout." That means you cannot be too fit and you cannot be too unfit to participate. The class is self-regulating and is not synchronized. The pace of an exercise, the depth of a lunge, the height of a jump, the contraction of a muscle – are all determined by you. The BODYpow class offers inspiration and accountability in a room full of positive energy. BODYpow shows form instruction, modifications, and encourages each individual's self-motivation.

In the end, the challenges presented are effective, very time efficient, and will produce results for everyone. For a given exercise the required effort is personal relative to your ability at that moment in time. Truthfully only you know where that threshold is. The rest of us can only encourage you.

Like anything else, the rate of your progress will correspond directly with your personal participation and effort. Keep in mind that, as an old coach would say, just being present with your shoes on and laced up is excellent progress and is perhaps the most difficult step of all.

First of all, if it’s your first time, don’t worry about money! Just come to a class!

Also, don’t stress or worry about it being “too hard” or anything like that. BODYpow doesn’t work that way. It’s not easy of course (that wouldn’t make sense!), but it is fun, efficient, and rewarding!

Remember it takes time for your body to adjust to a new workout program.

It might take a few classes to execute proper form and feel comfortable doing some of the exercises. We show modifications and pure-foundation moves for those who need to build from the ground up.

To quote a male regular: “It took about 6 classes before I didn’t feel like running out of the room!”

It’s all about consistency! …and now he rocks it!

What should I bring?

  • You (easy)
  • Yoga mat - extras available, first-come-first-serve, beach towels work too
  • Water bottle - a must!
  • Hand towel - strongly encouraged

What is BODYpow? by Jackie

BODYpow is a High Intensity Interval Training (“HIIT”) conditioning program that uses body-weight exercises only.

Read more on the BODYpow about page.