Here's a truth about BODYpow: It's not just about the body. Yes, the program uses bodyweight exercises, but BODYpow originated as my own channeled approach to combat negativity from others during a specific time in my life.

The drive, focus, and grit I put in to my personal home workouts translated in to feelings of empowerment and control. That negativity is long gone but I still use BODYpow to elicit that same sense of empowerment in every single class I instruct.

I know I can handle what life throws at me and I have a confidence in myself that far exceeds another person's judgment. My classes are tough because people choose to work. My physique is the result of my personal intensity and consistency.

I am not an intimidating person. I am not an unattainable ideal. I believe that everybody has different goals and that exercise is personal. I believe that every body is beautiful.

I am a trusting person, I am a caring person, and I am happy for others when they experience success. I am true to myself and to my passions. I am driven. I am fair. I listen. I think. I decide. I encourage self-motivation. I sing. I dance. I keep it fun. I feel equal parts inspiration and gratitude toward every training partner who walks through my door in every class.

That's the truth about BODYpow: It's not just about the body...