2016 was all about the POWer of choice for me. We all experience good and bad times, and this year was no different.

The Good: I developed new friendships, and expanded existing ones, in a positive way. I was supported by personal role models in the fitness industry, and I got to do what I love, every day.

The Bad: I was thrown some curve-balls. In more than one situation, I feel like I was taken advantage of, and treated unfairly.

Throughout the year, I felt both valued and loved. There were, however, some punctuated moments of hurt and disappointment. Two very different sides of the same coin. 2016 brought with it a rollercoaster of opportunities and challenges. Of course I know I'm not alone.

This next year, I will continue to do my personal best, and follow my own path. I will strive to inspire personal motivation in others, and lead by example. I will aim to maintain an environment filled with positive energy. I will look back to acknowledge and accept, as I move forward, with strength from lessons learned.

Personal choice is a POWerful thing. It’s going to be another great year… ??