2nd in Masters and Open C at Best of the West

Here's the thing I've recognized-- the physique that I have created for me, by me, and with nothing BUT my own body, is my own personal ideal. I like my body the best in every show, and this show was no exception. I only say that because I am me and I love who I am! I think everyone should feel that way about themselves.

Best of the West was my first bikini competition exactly one year ago. Six shows and fourteen top 2 trophies later, the shows are a testament to the strength of the body and the power of the mind - a way to celebrate my BODYpow classes and consistent lifestyle in an empowering and liberating way.

These shows for me have been about having fun. It was important for me to maintain my physical and mental wellbeing while doing them. I believe I have accomplished that. I never had a headache from dehydration and I never gave my body a hunger pain from depletion. I also never chased after someone else's ideal. I made a conscious decision from the beginning to not try and lasso a running bull.

These shows, for me, were about already acquired accomplishments. They were a way of showcasing my BODYpow program and showing what a focused mind and body can accomplish. They are only a small part of my personal journey on my own individual path. And off into the sunset I ride. Bigger things are on the horizon.

Each one of us has the power to make decisions and turn our thoughts into actions every single day. I choose to push myself hard in each BODYpow class that I instruct. I choose to stay healthy and consistent with my nutrition. I choose to challenge myself. I choose to believe in myself. And I choose to love my own body the most, every time, simply because it's my very own body to love.