The "POW" in BODYpow stands for

  • P = Personally
  • O = Optimized
  • W = Workout

So what exactly is a "Personally Optimized Workout?"

One of the best features of BODYpow is that it is a "Personally Optimized Workout." That means you cannot be too fit and you cannot be too unfit to participate. The class is self-regulating and is not synchronized. The pace of an exercise, the depth of a lunge, the height of a jump, the contraction of a muscle – are all determined by you. The BODYpow class offers inspiration and accountability in a room full of positive energy. BODYpow shows form instruction, modifications, and encourages each individual's self-motivation.

In the end, the challenges presented are effective, very time efficient, and will produce results for everyone. For a given exercise the required effort is personal relative to your ability at that moment in time. Truthfully only you know where that threshold is. The rest of us can only encourage you.

Like anything else, the rate of your progress will correspond directly with your personal participation and effort. Keep in mind that, as an old coach would say, just being present with your shoes on and laced up is excellent progress and is perhaps the most difficult step of all.