Workout with me anytime, anywhere! BODYpow LIVE is officially available online to all at Now you can BODYpow at your own convenience at any location. Pricing starts at $29 a month and is discounted from there. Combination plans with unlimited in-person classes plus BODYpow LIVE start at $79/month. All options may be found at

BODYpow is a bodyweight-only conditioning program. The class is not synchronized and modifications are shown for every exercise. Everyone goes at their own pace and finds their own Personally Optimized Workout ("pow"). BODYpow LIVE is a real-life class. No bells and whistles are needed for the workout or the filming. No equipment is used, no edits are made. The people who take my class are real people, many of whom prefer to stay out of the camera's view. We all sweat, lose breath, and do our best on any given day and with any given exercise. Whatever you are doing at home, someone in the class is most likely doing as well even if you can't see them on screen. The workout is for everyone. All you need is water. A towel or a mat are recommended to protect knees, elbows, and lower back. Shoes are optional.

I've been working out with BODYpow exclusively for over 4 years. Everything you see on LIVE is all I do to train, 5 hours a week total. That’s it! The workouts stand alone and they work. BODYpow is also a great supplement to any current workout regimen, is a good way to mix up your workouts, and is perfect to take on business trips or on vacation.

I am grateful for your support. Please know that you also have mine. I am available if you have any questions, concerns, feedback or are in need of personal encouragement. Please feel free to message me anytime.

I look forward to working out with you!

Jackie Peacock
BODYpow Founder

BODYpow LIVE was featured on Kristen Remington's KTVN Health Watch Segment on Channel 2 this evening! Now you can BODYpow anytime and anywhere.

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2016 was all about the POWer of choice for me. We all experience good and bad times, and this year was no different.

The Good: I developed new friendships, and expanded existing ones, in a positive way. I was supported by personal role models in the fitness industry, and I got to do what I love, every day.

The Bad: I was thrown some curve-balls. In more than one situation, I feel like I was taken advantage of, and treated unfairly.

Throughout the year, I felt both valued and loved. There were, however, some punctuated moments of hurt and disappointment. Two very different sides of the same coin. 2016 brought with it a rollercoaster of opportunities and challenges. Of course I know I'm not alone.

This next year, I will continue to do my personal best, and follow my own path. I will strive to inspire personal motivation in others, and lead by example. I will aim to maintain an environment filled with positive energy. I will look back to acknowledge and accept, as I move forward, with strength from lessons learned.

Personal choice is a POWerful thing. It’s going to be another great year… ??

Per request - 5 POW pointers for BODYpow progress. What I do...

  1. Be honest when it comes to #consistency. Calendar completed workouts so you are physically aligned with your mental intentions.
  2. Be honest when it comes to #intention. Complete the full 30 second interval. Start to finish. Each time. Every class.
  3. Be honest when it comes to #intensity. Engage and contract targeted muscle throughout the exercise. Adjust speed and height as strength increases and on "good days." Hold strong isometric position as muscles fatigue. -- Keep going. (Refer back to #2)
  4. See each class as a personal #challenge to overcome. It takes much longer to feel results if your workouts simply "check-the-box." It takes much less time to feel strong and empowered when you face a challenge and you work through it. (Translates to #reallife, 100%.)
  5. Focus on the workout and let the rest go.Find your own space, find your own challenge, find your own strength.And #pow. "P"ersonally "O"ptimized "W"orkout. And own it.

Photo by Bill Larkin @cvpportraits Thank you Bill!

It's easy to dismiss 40s as "over the hill" when you're in your 20s and even throughout your 30s. I was always curious how it would be for me when I rounded that corner. Would I feel old? Would I feel fit? Would I be strong?

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Here's a truth about BODYpow: It's not just about the body. Yes, the program uses bodyweight exercises, but BODYpow originated as my own channeled approach to combat negativity from others during a specific time in my life.

The drive, focus, and grit I put in to my personal home workouts translated in to feelings of empowerment and control. That negativity is long gone but I still use BODYpow to elicit that same sense of empowerment in every single class I instruct.

I know I can handle what life throws at me and I have a confidence in myself that far exceeds another person's judgment. My classes are tough because people choose to work. My physique is the result of my personal intensity and consistency.

I am not an intimidating person. I am not an unattainable ideal. I believe that everybody has different goals and that exercise is personal. I believe that every body is beautiful.

I am a trusting person, I am a caring person, and I am happy for others when they experience success. I am true to myself and to my passions. I am driven. I am fair. I listen. I think. I decide. I encourage self-motivation. I sing. I dance. I keep it fun. I feel equal parts inspiration and gratitude toward every training partner who walks through my door in every class.

That's the truth about BODYpow: It's not just about the body...

A Year Goes By by Jackie

Last year, on my birthday, I wrote a blog post on my BODYpow website entitled "I just turned 40 and this is how I feel..." It seems to me like I just posted that last week.

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Bliss Babe by Jackie

I am sincerely honored to have been asked to be the cover model and feature article for Reno's premier issue of Bliss BABE magazine!

Kristen, CJ - thank you so much for your support, the publicity, and the introduction to Joey, Michael, the amazing Leslie, and everyone on the Bliss BABE team. I am thrilled and extremely appreciative to have played a small part in your big vision and see it come to fruition. Congratulations to the Bliss BABE team! Xoxo

UPDATE: Here's the KTVN news story!

Mostly warm-up exercises in the clip but great coverage! Gotta try a class to get the real deal!

Just a note to let you know that the segment we taped in class last week promoting BODYpow's Each One Tell One benefit will be airing tonight!

There will be a teeny teaser this afternoon at 4 PM and then it will air after the Thursday Night Football game at roughly 8/8:30 PM...

A big thank you to KTVN News Anchors, (and regular BODYpow members!) Kristen Remington, for approaching us for the story and shooting the segment, and Wendy Damonte, who is the founder of Each One.Tell One. - a local dense breast tissue awareness organization

Hope to see you and workout with you soon.

2nd in Masters and Open C at Best of the West

Here's the thing I've recognized-- the physique that I have created for me, by me, and with nothing BUT my own body, is my own personal ideal. I like my body the best in every show, and this show was no exception. I only say that because I am me and I love who I am! I think everyone should feel that way about themselves.

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During the month of October, 10% of proceeds from classes purchased will go to benefit Each One Tell One. Stay healthy. Stay strong.

I have been helping various friends celebrate their 40th birthday for more than a decade. And for just as long, I wondered how I was going to feel when that day came for me. It's easy to feel put off by the number or dismiss it as "over the hill" when you're in your 20s and even throughout your 30s. So I would always ask, "How do you FEEL??", hoping for some deep philosophical answer on the psychological adjustment of aging, I think. But the answers I always got were consistently tucked under one of two simple umbrellas: "I feel old." or "I feel the same."

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Two Years! by Jackie

Today, January 7th, marks the two year anniversary of BODYpow as an official class! In the spirit of reflective celebration, I thought I would share how the class began on January 7, 2013. It was never a deliberate "I think I'll try to develop a workout program now" kind of thing.

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  1. You need to ask for help standing from the seated position (aka toilet).
  2. The words "booty lifter" evoke a sense of primal fear.
  3. Your significant other asks you, "Why do you do this to yourself?"
  4. You roll over in bed and the word "obliques" pops into your mind.
  5. The words "last time here" evoke a sense of eternal bliss.
  6. You plan your day in thirty second intervals.
  7. Your notion of self-betterment entails suppressing the urge to vomit.
  8. "Warm Up" means normal person's work out.
  9. You know more versions of push ups, sit ups and burpees than there are days in the year.
  10. You want to hate her but she is just too nice.

Courtesy of Scott B.! Thank you, made me laugh!

See you soon. :)

I started BODYpow in January of 2013 and have never had to cancel or sub a class due to illness until last week. It hit me hard.

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