Support & Frequently Asked Questions

What is BODYpow?

BODYpow is a self-regulating High Intensity Interval Training (“HIIT”) and flexibility conditioning program that uses body-weight exercises only. The classes are structured to go through a running progression of focused muscle group development class-to-class. You can pick up anywhere in the cycle and the progression will circle back around over 8-12 workouts. Every workout is an all-body workout and most include a small percentage of muscle group or movement focus as well. Read more on the BODYpow about page.

What is BODYpow LIVE?

BODYpow LIVE is an online stream of realtime and on-demand BODYpow classes. They allow you to participate in classes when you are on the road or when your schedule or location does not permit you to attend classes in person.

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What is the name "BODYpow" all about?

The "POW" in BODYpow stands for:
P = Personally
O = Optimized
W = Workout

What is a "Personally Optimized Workout?"

One of the best features of BODYpow is that it is a "Personally Optimized Workout." That means you cannot be too fit and you cannot be too unfit to participate. The class is self-regulating and is not synchronized. The pace of an exercise, the depth of a lunge, the height of a jump, the contraction of a muscle – are all determined by you. The BODYpow class offers inspiration and accountability in a room full of positive energy. BODYpow shows form instruction, modifications, and encourages each individual's self-motivation.

In the end, the challenges presented are effective, very time efficient, and will produce results for everyone. For a given exercise the required effort is personal relative to your ability at that moment in time. Truthfully only you know where that threshold is. The rest of us can only encourage you.

Like anything else, the rate of your progress will correspond directly with your personal participation and effort. Keep in mind that, as an old coach would say, just being present with your shoes on and laced up is excellent progress and is perhaps the most difficult step of all.

What Should I Know Before Attending a Class?

First of all, don't stress or worry about it being "too hard" or anything like that. BODYpow doesn't work that way. It’s not easy of course (that wouldn’t make sense!), but it is fun, efficient, and rewarding. The most important thing is remember that it takes time for your body to adjust to a new workout program.

It might take a few classes to execute proper form and feel comfortable doing some of the exercises. We show modifications and pure-foundation moves for those who need to build from the ground up.

To quote a regular: "It took about 6 classes before I didn’t feel like running out of the room!"

It’s all about consistency! …and now he rocks it!

5 Pointers for BODYpow Progress

Do I have to jump in BODYpow?

No! Never. Jumping is a great power-move with excellent benefits but it is not for everyone.

Please see New to BODYpow LIVE? (5 min. intro.)


What do I need for a class?

You (easy)
Everything else that follows really is optional.
Yoga mat
Extras are available at in-person classes on first-come, first-serve basis. Beach towels work too.
Water Bottle
Hand Towel
Sometimes... On a hard floor, you'll want shoes. On a soft floor, you may like to go barefoot.

How do I change my membership from one plan to another?

It's pretty straightforward. Go to the plan sign-up page and select the plan you would like to change to and check out normally. The system will automatically prorate your plan change behind the scenes and you will be charged the appropriate amount for the change.

If you are changing to a lower-priced plan, your billing will automatically change to the new price and will be deducted against your current balance. Once your balance remaining is less than your monthly plan rate, you will started to be billed the appropriate amount again.

If you have any problems, contact

How do I cancel my membership?

Please send an email to and your account will be discontinued immediately without any hassle. You will be able to cancel and manage your membership online soon.

May I use BODYpow prepaid classes to access BODYpow LIVE?

Prepaid classes are for in-person classes only. You may make a one-time transfer of prepaid classes that are less than a year old to a running membership balance after your first month's billing at a rate of $8 per class. If you would like to do this, please contact

How do I recover a lost password?

Please go to

Is BODYpow OK if I am pregnant?

The full question was actually: "...I was wondering if I can do BodyPOW while pregnant? I'm currently prego [...] and worried about ruining my body! Plus I want to keep my strength up for the birth..."

First and foremost, like everyone else will say, talk to your doctor about any exercise workout while you're carrying and follow their direction. I have had a number of pregnant women do BODYpow throughout their pregnancies. They keep their feet on the ground and don't jump, they drop to their knees for push-ups, and they go to all 4s (knees and hands or knees and elbows) in a table position and contract the abdominal wall for ab work and belly-laying exercises. They do the same in place of bridge work as they get further along.

BODYpow works well for deep mind to muscle contraction and each exercise can be held in an isomeric position without movement. It is great for the core, booty, and shoulders and can keep your strength up for sure; but you'll have to listen to your body, your babies, and your doctor. 😊

Basically, modify everything for zero impact, keep your feet on the floor, no crunches or similar, and stay off your belly as you get further along. Subsitute knee planks and similar for ab work. Easy to do. I would also suggest watching the 5-minute intro video clip before starting.

New to BODYpow LIVE? (5 min. intro.)

Anything else...

Please get in touch.