BODYpow is designed for you

BODYpow is a High Intensity Interval Training ("HIIT") conditioning program that uses body-weight exercises only. The program is designed as a Personally Optimized Workout and automatically self-regulates to your current level of fitness and ability. BODYpow keeps it fun, interesting, efficient, functional, and honest. Nothing more than your own body weight and a little desire is required. BODYpow is designed around mutual, fundamental, short-term, and long-term goals while retaining the ability to cater to individual needs and requirements. Designed to help participants target an anaerobic training threshold, the BODYpow plan increases resting metabolic rate for over 20 hours following a workout, burning fat and increasing lean muscle composition. BODYpow is designed for sustainability and the efficient use of one's hard-earned time.

BODYpow is designed around mutual, fundamental, short-term and long-term goals while retaining the ability to cater to individual needs. There is no snake-oil involved.

BODYpow produces results

Each BODYpow "session," "session progression," and "session program" is designed with a long-term view toward a focused whole-body fitness goal regardless of starting point. The class is self-regulated and is not synchronized. Each person works to his/her best effort during the intervals and therefore obtains a personally optimized workout based on point-in-time capability, regardless of current strength, fitness, age, or injury. The session programs and exercises are also designed to modify or adjust to the individual goals or requirements of the participant at any given time.

BODYpow is for everyone

BODYpow promotes individual strengths while rounding out overlooked weaknesses regardless of starting fitness or entry point into the session programs. Athletes regularly voice their surprise at unexpected opportunities for improvement from BODYpow sessions and ultimately enjoy performance benefits in their given discipline from participation. Conversely, participants "starting from zero" often comment at how rapidly they see fitness improvement and health benefit, and often express their surprise at the long-term sustainability of the program. The system is personally optimized to each person’s own physical and mental capability on any given day but participants' relative physical effort and commitment are generally the same.

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BODYpow is about whole body fitness

BODYpow is well-suited for whole body fitness for all ages. The system promotes positive factors related to ageing, is very useful for athletic performance improvement, and self-adjusts for injury or recovery. BODYpow supports and welcomes a wide spectrum of participants from elite seasoned athletes to weekend warriors to brand new participants and everyone in between. No one is too fit or too unfit. Anyone interested in getting healthy, staying in shape, or improving their overall fitness will benefit.

BODYpow is all-business without skipping the fun

It’s not about "keeping up." It’s about participation and effort. Participants often comment that one of the best features of BODYpow is that they can do a BODYpow workout side-by-side with someone they consider "in shape" or "an athlete" while enjoying the same personal productivity and joint respect for the effort following the session.

The system naturally self-regulates to a person's point-in-time capability to maintain the proper aerobic and muscle fatigue. It’s difficult to "overdo it" and it is equally as difficult to "dog it" and waste exercise time. Even 5 minutes of effort produces results.

How many other workouts exist where an elite athlete can enjoy a workout side-by-side with someone just getting started? BODYpow accomplishes this.

BODYpow is always available

BODYpow LIVE allows you to log in and take classes online anytime. It also lets you track your progress and attendance both online and at in-person classes. There are options for online-only, online-and-in-person, and in-person only to meet any need.

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BODYpow is sustainable

Participants young and old can jointly participate and communicate, without feeling "left behind" or feeling like they are holding up the group. The BODYpow system caters to all fitness levels and the high energy environment is preserved without being based on individual competition between and amongst the participants. It’s not so much about ego but more about mutual respect and joint progress.

After a workout session a person can look to their left or right to someone "right off the couch" with mutual respect because the workouts are self-regulated to an individual's personal capability. Everyone in the class has made the same commitment to the effort regardless of their starting point. Nobody is left behind and nobody feels like they are holding up the group.

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